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    Saravanaa Bhavan

    The name in and of itself is a mouthful, too bad the food wasn’t

    Yes, I ventured out of downtown (and got lost! Don’t ask) to this South Indian buffet on Broadway/Oak for a Veg Van  Meetup

    The host did a great job of organizing such a large group (over 30 people). Too bad the restaurant crammed us all in the back (and I couldn’t even sit with Christina who had invited me in the first place)

    I did sit with some nice people and had quite an interesting conversation about the electricity usage in Iceland. However, the food, not so great.

    I managed to yoink this one picture from the meetup (Credit to the meetup host):

    It was quantity over quality (as with most buffets). Here’s my rundown:
    -Papadum: crispy, hard to messup
    -Chickpeas: salty (sitting out on the burner does that)
    -Idly: bland
    -Sambar: the only thing worth coming for. Nice slow burn, good spice level (at first I was complaining it wasn’t spicy enough but then the heat kicked in)
    -Various soups/stews: a mix of bland or overly salty. 
    -Lentil doughnut: dry
    -Dosa: bad filling-to-dosa ratio, good quality crepe though (nice and thin)
    -rice: DRY and overcooked! Probably the worst rice I’ve had at a restaurant. I didn’t try the version with the frozen vegetables mixed in 
    -Puri: I didn’t even touch this after complaints from everyone at the table saying it was super oily
    -Chutneys: ok, these were legit all excellent. Great tomato chutney & a cooling coconut chutney and even the infamous Pickled Lemon!
    -Dessert: some gross cream of wheat stuff with raisins. Refreshing after the sambar but odd texture and too sweet (no like!) 

    Not to sound like a complainer but it certainly was not the greatest meal (and for $18 it was kind of a ripoff). I think I’ll stick with House of Dosa’s until I find a better South Indian place (Go to Dosa Monday! You know you want to!)

    Rating: 5/10
    -service: n/a (buffet, dude walked around with fresh Puri’s and Dosa’s though, he was nice)
    -Ambiance: 7/10. efficient place, clean, no frills
    -Price: 4/10 (not worth it)
    -Food: 5/10 (I didn’t get sick at least) 

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