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  1. Laziza, 1175 Davie St


    Yummy food, Terrible service!

    I’ve been to this place SEVERAL times and have noticed the service level declining

    Welcomed in by the ever-perky hostess (she always calls me “sugar” or “Hun”, a bit too annoying for me but I can tell most of the clientelle enjoy it). Seated quickly, asked for drinks, good start right? Appies came out quickly and were delicious. Dan enjoys the consistency of the hummous (paired with the infused olive oil, sun dried tomatoes, and spice). And I can never turn down a big ‘ol pot of mushrooms (cooked in a yummy broth of lemon juice, garlic, cilantro, spices)

    However, here’s the kicker, waited OVER AN HOUR for entrees. I just ordered a beet salad and it came out without any cheese and without any dressing! Dan’s meal (stuffed chicken breast) looked good but I can’t believe we waited forever for it! 3 tables got served before us

    I have a feeling they forgot our order (happened last time I went there when they forgot Christina’s prawns). I understand being in the weeds and all (Saturday night, 7pm, place was hopping) but c’mon! At least apologize for the wait or offer more pita’s for us (we had to ask for our pita basket to be refilled: at least we had hummous to nosh on).

    The worst part was that I complained to the manager after the long wait and failure of salad making (oh and my credit card was mischarged too!) and I was kind of scooted out the door with a half-ass “apology”. I think my salad should have at least been comped since I waited for an HOUR for it and it came without cheese & dressing. Lame

    Overall: Not too keen on going back. Food is delicious, decor/ambiance is cool, and prices are great but the fakely-chipper hostess, long wait-times, and lack of apology/customer-service doesn’t make me want to go back anytime soon. 6/10 Laziza Modern Mediterranean on Urbanspoon