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  1. Fairmont Hotel, 900 West Lounge


    Christina was able to get us a groupon for 50% off  high tea so we checked out the Fairmont on Sat Apr 18
    Loved the decor and the service in this place

    Tea was also great: I had a black tea blend & Christina had a lemon rooibos. I wish they used ceramic tea pots though instead of metal ones: The last little bit of tea is always a bit over-steeped & metallic tasting (although they did have a cute tea-cozy on the pot-handle)

    The food, while deliciously prepared, could have used a leg-up on presentation. You can see the selection of tea sandwiches above: they used a really bad black forest ham for the croissant sandwich (I tasted it and pulled it off the delicious brie right away). The croissant was nice and warm though so that eye-to-detail was appreciated. The “butter chicken” was not my fave. Everyone knows my distaste for bastardization of indian food so I knew I wouldn’t like it to begin with (the meat was all chopped up and mushy….just overall bad texture). The veggie sandwich was great! Wish it wasn’t on white bread but the arugula paired well with the minted cream cheese. Smoked salmon was a hit but I wish the rye bread was tosted and it needed a spread of some sort instead of a raw cucumber topping

    Dessert was equally hit-and-miss: GREAT SCONES ruined by powdered sugar! I hate powdered sugar on scones. Devonshire cream was great but wish they had more selection of jams (Strawberry was our only choice). Mini-chocolate eclairs were good. Lemon tart had a bit of a thick crust but the filling was melt-in-your-mouth AMAZING! The worst of it all was the blueberry cheesecake. I’m not the hugest cheesecake fan to begin with but I can tell this was just awful: REALLY grainy texture, too much cheese-to-crust ratio (very thin crust) & it was all coated in white chocolate flakes (overly sweet).

    Overall: really liked the experience, the company, the decor, the ambiance, the service. Food was good quality but bad execution/presentation (a bit inconsistent). Next time will go to Sutton Place instead (and it’s cheaper too). 7/10 
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