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  1. The District, 13 Lonsdale Ave

    I LOOOOVEEE this restaurant. Must be a combination of the tarragon mayo, kennebec fries, stiff drinks, and lovely company :)

    Check out my refreshing caipirinha (I’m thinking this is my official summer drink):

    Although I had total drink envy over Kim’s Skittle Vodka. The drinks are STRONG (just how i like em!)

    Next, we ordered a bunch of appies. Bec got a mixed olive plate. Although it was kind of annoying that they didn’t pit them (I hate picking out the seed). There was a couple red olives too that everyone was scared of (don’t know who ended up eating them). We were scared they would be spicy but of course they weren’t.

    I had to have the fries. These fries are amazing! super crisp & great dipping sauce. Doesn’t matter what time of day I come here but I need to have them every time I’m here! Although they did put some sort of spicey seasoning on them this time (hot paprika?), I’m a fry purist but a change up can be appreciated once in a while. I’ll ask for it plain next time. Bec went wild and got it poutine styled…Yum!

    Now onto my meal: Tian Des Legumes (HUGE Portion for $6!) & District Salad (greens, tomatoes, dried cranberries, dates, Poached egg). Both were EXCELLENT. I know the tian looks kinda gross in this pic but it was delicious (think scalloped potatoes with more veggies and lighter sauce). The salad was perfectly dressed and hearty.  Needless to say, most of us had leftover lunches for the next day (Kim & Jody both got the steak sandwich - super meaty!)

    Overall: Great ambiance, excellent service (our server was great!), stiff drinks, copious amounts of affordably priced food, and a great overall experience. I’m not gonna nitpick about the seasoning on the fries (and I feel generous today)…10/10! :D

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