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  1. Alpha Global Sushi & Bar, 1099 Richards St.

    Definitely one of my usual haunts. It’s like a chiller-izakaya, or a weird-sushi spot

    The first thing everyone notices about this restaurant is the weird menus. I don’t know if Alpha started this trend but I’ve noticed a lot of restaurants are doing this these days. I wonder if we’ll see a new menu trend this year? (Oh ya, their drinks are suuuuuppppeerr cheap. not even “cheap for downtown” but actual cheap):

    Now the food on the other hand, a bit pricey (downtown standard). $4 for edamame. $7.50 for salmon carpaccio (small portion): see below

    Their food does taste good and they have a lot of weird combinations (taco rice anyone?). My entree was delicious! Even though there was some confusion as to what “original” dressing meant (I need to be careful to make sure it contained no oyster sauce). The server was able to clarify though. All the girls I went with seemed to enjoy their selections as well

    Overall: good ambiance, friendly staff, ample tables, great location (not quite the busy part of yaletown), reasonably priced (for downtown), and excellent sashimi. Also, this place has the best vegetarian roll (Mango & beet!). I’ve had some duds here before (the fried stuff is usually not the best, and their noodles aren’t great) but overall I really like this place. I think even sushi purists would like it as the sashimi here is excellent and the rolls are pretty good too.  9/10

    PS: Best part: you get a gummy candy with your treat (gummies are my fave)

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